15 de setembre de 2009

What happens to you, Juliet?

And now's Juliet who sings down his window. But nobody listens to her, nobody hugs her. She pursues her impossible dream, singing her sad love lullabys, those storys that always ends badly.

When the sun goes down, her soul falls with it, and with every new star that shines, there's a new scar that'll never heal. She dreams of getting out of there, of finding a well and fall inside without notice, where she couldn't go back. She dreams, and dreams, but knows she can't do it although she needs it, that she won't flee. She doesn't know how to break her f**king vicious circle. Juliet wants a light that gets her out of the fog without end, and she advances the way like she remembers it, but the girl doesn't know that, although she's running in circles, all in her side is changing and every time is grayer, sadder, more dead. She tries to start again, to do something better than trying to be happy, but all becomes a thought that vanishes.