20 de novembre de 2009

Whatever you want, I'd do anything

The world keeps walking, the sun's still shining, but upon you seems to be raining all the time. You go out to the street and everybody has their own lifes and complications. A little tear falls from your wet eyes when the memories invade your head. Anybody has noticed it, good luck or maybe not. You need somebody to take care of you like he did. "Hey, you have to forget" they say... you know it's not that easy to start again when you had it all. You wonder if you'll be blown away. It's not in your hands, you just have to wait for the destiny, those destiny that was yours and became hell.
And someone could tell me the best love songs and poems, someone could teach me how to be a good lover or to pat the moon with my hand, but it wouldn't really mean anything if it wasn't you.

The posts are a little bit borring with so many texts, so here is a song I really like to listen to. The most popular song of the group is "Wherever you will go", but I'm sure you have listened it before, so I'll try with this one.

Anything - The Calling

18 de novembre de 2009

Love it's life's motor

He's an squat in my body, kicking the heart, appearing in my mind, blowing my eyes, shagging my lungs... How does he want that I forget him if he lives in me?
I don't know what I dream of, if what people say it's true, I don't know what I think or what I have to think, don't know if I have you or I'm losing you another time. From illusions you live, until the reality fogs it. But when the clouds leave, you shine again, and while you're shinning, I won't turn off.
And I don't remember how to fight. I did, but not now. It's too difficult to find the way to change a false point of view. You can try to cheat the destiny going to nowhere, but he'd cross in your
way again. Like a boat across the ocean, I follow your light to get the shore, and if you're reflected on the water, I'll get drown of you tonight.