29 d’octubre de 2009

My shiny stars

And they speak like erase feelings was as easy as the pencil with a rubber: if you are wrong, with a couple of times that you pass it on the paper, there remains no sign. Every moment that you live will be written in your life's book forever. You can't put all the memories in a hidden carpet and let them fill with dust. And you ask yourself if you'll be at their lines after a little time. You don't know what will happen tomorrow, so try to do what you enjoy the most today, live every second like the last. Love, fight for what you'd like, follow your dreams and smile all the time. Don't get obsesed with your past - the most of the experiences won't happen another time. Life it's easy with the eyes closed, so sometimes you have to follow your instinct to get where you want.

"If you cry for losing the sun, the tears won't let you see the stars". And they shine day after day, every time stronger to show you their light, making you remember that they're there at your side, and when you need them, you just have to close your eyes and a blow of wind will give you a hug. Thank you for filling my glass little by little, drop by drop. Thank you for taking me a step closer to the moon. Thank you for making me smile when I most needed it and keep me with you. I really, really love you :)

Ok, Joan, I've forgotten to write on the blog another time... I think I'll have to mark on a calendar the days that I have to post something, because if not, I will never remember. Also, these days we've had a lot of exams too and I had to study (I know that I always have an excuse) and I have to pass you in Music Challenge! But I'll try to write sooner the next time.

6 d’octubre de 2009

That's love!

They can say "That's love, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it makes you happy" but I won't believe it at all. It's much stronger than that, freaking stronger. You can be the happiest person in the world, and in an instant, the world falls over you.
Once you've found someone who'll change yourself and your life, he'll be at your heart forever. Maybe it's just because, when we are in love, we see everything with different eyes. Next to you, all the things are nicer, and nicer than everybody is him. He becomes the puzzle piece that you've been looking for, and for first time, you're complete. Then, you think that without him you are nothing, that he's more important even than breathing. He's like an angel.
You'd like to live forever if you could hold him close to you, see him smile. He's like heroine, and like all the drugs - when you're addicted, it's too difficult to stop taking it. For a moment, you'd give all you've got for him, run away together to the end of the world. And after all you've been trough, you'll just remember the good memories. You'll ask yourself how everything has finished like this without finding an answer good enough to make you feel OK.

It's true, love is difficult, but a life without it too. You have to live bad experiences to see the best ones like that. You'll survive another time. It's not the end of your life. You have two options: Keep waiting, or follow your way.

I'm sorry for haven't written in all these days. I've been a little bit bussy. I'll try to do it more often since today. I'll do the next posts happier than these, if I'm inspirited. :)