5 de juliol de 2011

Give me back the key to my universe

As I did long time ago... here's the song, play it while you read the text. http://youtu.be/vcWTTs8QVRc

You can see me free falling through the wind while you are nearly finding the way to scape from everything. I'm becoming blind because of the smoke, don't even know what has been set on fire inside of me.
This chain around my neck is starting to burn. And I can't, I can't take it away. Once I promised I wouldn't do it and now it's strangling me. I'm afraid that, if I do, you'll leave with it, and I don't want you to leave me.
This is just a step we had to do, a little bit late but still on time. We were getting hurt time after time, and love doesn't hurt that much. There was something else that we couldn't see. It's moving away now although it has left the scars, the memories and a bit of jealousy. I have the feeling that they'll stay here for a long time.
What's left to do? Pray to God that we'll find our way some day. "It's not easy, it's not easy" they say "but you have to keep holding on". But where is the one who'll hug me when I need it, who'll tell me I love you before going to sleep. Who'll spend his time with me and will dry my tears and draw me a smile.
Everybody hurts, everybody falls. Sometimes the sun's shinning when you're hidding under the blankets, and you don't notice the clouds moving outside showing you how the world is still alive although the difficult obstacles it has come across.
I've tried to keep all together the afternoon's pecks and cuddles while lying on the sofa in a small box in the corner of my heart, but I couldn't close it, so I left a little bit of you hanging around until you decide to take them back. I'm trying hard to heal my heart. There are too many feelings I have to erase.
You can't live in the clouds forever. And as I said one day, heaven's out of reach and it's raining in paradise. Don't search for perfection 'cause it doesn't exist in real life. Maybe in Descartes innate ideas, not here. Life's hard, and it's fucking your plans all the time. That's why we have hope. To make it easier to chew the problems. 'Cause it's not always possible to think that everything's gonna be alright. Avril said that maybe tomorrow, tomorrow is a different day... And it will be, I don't know which one.
Butterflies in the stomach, unexpected smiles and love hugs wanted. They've been stolen or they've escaped home alone. However, I'm afraid I won't be able to give a big reward. Any help? I buy happiness potions, endless smile make-up, everything that makes me shine again.
I know I won't get out of life alive, but it seems so long for this little girl who wants to spend it grinning. So long now that you are still floating around and following me everywhere. So long for walking its way full of mountains alone.