21 de gener de 2010

Don't meet me in my dreams tonight 'cause I can't forget you

Now she doesn't look at the stars 'cause he's there, reflected in the full moon, shinning more than anything in the sky. She's hidden under her pillow, so maybe he won't find her and won't meet her either while she's dreaming. Then she'd be able to lay down and forget the world, but here he goes. The moonlight gets into the room painting it full of colours. When she notices it starts to dance on the rainbow of memories. Just like the heroine, in an extasis state, she's floating. And like all the drugs does, when the effects pass you fall into a neverending hole. So that's what happened, she relapsed into her well. The walls, tired of seeing her cry, they get closer envolving her in tears' sea. Like a castaway she tries to throw a glass bottle but nobody answers.
After a few minutes she saw it there, on the table. She needed more than this, sure, but if her stars doesn't come, she'll have to find another way to feel better. And after all, it is full of their smiles and love, so with a little bit of luck, they'll go out and hug her heart until it becomes warmer.

My happy pills full of their sweet(s) love.