27 de febrer de 2010

My sister explains her imaginary world

My sister is a really happy person, so I've concluded that she has an imaginary world in her head, and this is what makes her laugh without apparent reason. I asked her about it, and she said:
"Imagine the world full of mattresses on the ground. The sky is pink with purple spots and heart clouds. The people are green and they only have one leg.
One day the oldest man of the world came out to the street and started staring at the other citizens with a bull mask. When he shouted "MOOOH" all the people became frightened and started to run. But they only had one leg, so they got tired soon. Finally they decided to sleep on the mattresses and when they got up, everything was normal again exept for the old man that didn't run or sleep. He was alone in the Fantastic World.
This would be nice."

Take your own conclusions. xD

21 de febrer de 2010

Busy days!

These days I've been busy with Carnival and reading books for school so I didn't write anything! But I'm back although I have lots of work this week too.

This Carnival I disguised as Tinkerbell, the fairy in Peter Pan. She wears a short green dress and, unfortunately, those was the coldest week of all the winter. In the parade we danced a lot but I hardly got frozen while we were going to Carpas. There, after giving the ticket to enter, I lost my wallet with all the money I had recieved from my saint. Poor me TT
The night passed so fast and it had some good and bad moments, but it was great!

I've read "A Thousand Splendid Suns" from Khaled Hosseini. It was ok, but I had little time to finish it, so I didn't enjoy it much.
I've hardly failed the science exam about the Origin of Life and the Evolution. I was really disappointed 'cause I thought I had done well and I knew all my notes, but not. So here it is, a video about the histoy and evolution of everything (of course I didn't explain it this way in the exam, but I maybe would have had better mark!).