1 de juliol de 2010

I love (you)...

I like to cover myself with the wolf blanket before I go to sleep since I know that they're of your favourites.
I separate the burned crisps like you used to do.
I love to dress up with your clothes and turn on the lights of the alarm clock as always you come. I still sleep hugging your pillow although your perfume is already gone. I like to leave your mattress on the floor and lay there until my mother punishes me and I have to tidy it. I listen to Eminem like you, I play your games and write you when I can.
I like to eat a square of white chocolate when I get up like you, and the pieces of pizza that were left the night before. Looking at your photo on the wall when I miss you, the rose on my desk, every detail that makes me remember of you.
I love to see me at the mirror and feel that you're still behind me, hugging me.
Every feature that makes you a little more mine, and me more yours, and us more ours. I like everything you do, everything that's me and you.
And I like that you like that