12 d’agost de 2010

Tomorrow forever

I love you, and I'll love you until the end. Time goes by so slowly when you aren't here... I'm tired of hugging you unstil I realize that I have nothing in my arms. Does this roller coaster ever go right? You start to climb and suddenly fall down. I want to be by your side, that you love me and loving you too. And not just telling it, but melt each other until make us one.
I want to retrace your ear with the tip of my tongue, bite your lips, kiss you through the navel and continue descending. Eat you for dinner and in every meal. Touch you, caress you, feel you... own you.
I would like you to feel every of these words, to remember if you have ever felt tickle reading this and to feel it again. Stop thinking about all the things you have saturated in your head. Leave the world behind and imagine for a moment that I'm with you, on your lap, and there's nothing more than this, you and me, and together we float in a universe without sense where only us(?) write the story; us melting the cold of space and competing with the stars, us together hugging each other, us alone, us without knowing where you end and where I beggin... us ours and of nobody else.
I want you, baby. Tomorrow I won't let you go. Tomorrow forever.

7 d’agost de 2010


Call you just to know that you are listening to me from the other side of the phone, that my words arrive to your ears. Listen to you in silence although I only hear sighs. Close both eyes and feel you at my side even in the distance.
I could continue writing you messages although you would never get to see them. Just to know that you're still at the other side of this screen; that what I feel arrives somewhere and it isn't left floating in the air, it arrives to you. And then they remain stagnant in the mail box like the blinking lights of the telephone's answering machine.