15 de setembre de 2010

Summer, game over

The first rays of sun filtered through the blind. While the world was dawning slowly, she was still trying to get asleep. The clock needles were pointing half past six. Summer had finished before it began.
Emily had passed all of it working and for the first time she couldn't go on holiday. In her house they weren't able to travel abroad, and this made her feel even more pissed than going back to school. Well, this and the fact of thinking that while everybody had filled their heart of beautiful and unforgetable memories with their friends, she had sent her hollidays to the "Earring to improve" box. Another time.
She gave a couple of spins between the sheets (or three, or four, or a thousand) and finally she woke up pushing the sun and with a tear sliding to the endless days of no-holidays that she had ahead.