20 de desembre de 2010

Birthday letter to him

It's been so long since the last time I wrote here, but today is worth more than passing the day by your side. And well, I've been thinking a hundred ways to tell you I love you and all you mean for me and I haven't find it out yet, but I'm still trying.

I'd like that this day was special to you, on of those days that makes history, that you unconsciously keep saved in a corner of your brain and heart. It's passed 6208 days from today since that fantastic Monday 20th of December of 1993, the day when a helicopter crashed into Cadí trying to save a hiker, when Microsoft Office was presented as the solution for the companies, when a boom that didn't explote durint the 2nd World War menaced Panama, the day when the law agains piracy takes effect, when Barça son Celta 1-0 and Aladin was launched at the cinemas in Catalonia. And indeed it happened lots of things appart of the ones that appear in the newspapers, but the most important one it was that you saw the world for the first time. And this until today would be... 7*5x⅛√355+12x/7 hmmm... 84 years? Uh, lucky you that you aren't my pet and you have much to live :).

Happy birthday my darling. I hope that these 17 years have been perfect, at least I've tried so.
There are still many things to live together, lot of things to do and celebrate, but every day is one of them. You are the only reason to keep holding on, and the best I can ask. You make me feel what I can't feel for anyone else. Those kind of love that makes your heart shiver when you talk and smile. That gives you full. That brings you to the tallest building of the city and then drops you. It catches you. It despairs you but it fills you. Love that touches and feels. That is light and heavy at the same time. It flies, cries, sings and laughs. It warmths and shades. It's romantic and appasionated, full of life. Love that disappoint. That needs more love. Love that paints your life full of colours. True love...

And time passes by, and you grow up slowly. You change without realizing and with you also changes the world. Now it's cold again, but it always is when you aren't here.. And the nights are so long... but you illuminate them, mixed with the colored lights. You've always been a star that shines and takes care of me even if I don't see you. You've always had saved your part in my heart until you took it all. I had always looked for that piece that I needed and I finally found you. And for this and a lot of things more you are now an indispensable part to me because, without you, I'm not me, I'm nothing at all.

Do you know what I want for Christmas? The same that every year, what I ask every time that a shooting star passes by, when I blow the candles... but I won't tell you what it is because if so it won't be fulfilled :) I'll just say that it is not bought, I don't want that it ends, it's precious, it can be touched (eaten, licked...) caressed, hugged and pampered, loved more than nothing else in the world. And some more verbs that it's not necessary to write them down.

Thank you for everything we've lived together, cookie... you're all that I want. I love you until the end.

Your little Nana forever ♥